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Mom Advice: Summer Activities

Mom Advice: Summer Activities


Hermione is done with school and Portia finished tomorrow which means we are in summer vacation mode! I love summer and the longer days, less hectic schedules and extra time with my girls. Our school year is packed with activities- we run around at a manic pace. Once summer hits I love turning it down a notch. Here are a few key tips that help me keep our summer fun and also relaxed:

Don’t’ “Over Camp”

Hermione and Portia are both doing camp in NYC before we head upstate and then Hermione is doing a month of camp at our club but that is it. I don’t like the girls to go directly from school to camp to school with no break. By leaving most of August free we have time to laze around the house, go on adventures and generally slow our pace way down.

Go Exploring

Although we spend our summers in the same spot every year I make sure to always explore new places we have never been. Whether it is a new farm, new ice cream spot or new hike I find that keeping things fresh makes our summers exciting!

Create Traditions

There is a certain magic about summertime family traditions. From movies at the drive in, to backyard camping, to Sunday morning family hikes we have a few summer time rituals the girls can depend on and look forward to each year.

Break The Rules

With the school year being so rigid summer is all about breaking the rules or at least letting them relax a bit. In the summer months the girls have a much less strict bedtime which allows for nighttime swims, family dinners and carnival trips. I am also much looser with dessert and most days allow the girls to have sorbet or vegan ice cream. Aren’t frozen treats the best part of summer?

What's in my Shopping Cart-Summer House Edition

What's in my Shopping Cart-Summer House Edition