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Packing for Three

Packing for Three

Despite the frigid weather and massive snow storm spring break is just around the corner! Next week we are headed on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean followed by a few nights in Miami. Hermione is beside herself with excitement for our trip on the "Disney boat" and another visit to "My Ami Beach." You know, as opposed to "Your Ami."

Packing for myself and the girls can be a bit overwhelming. Between clothes for all three of us, baby supplies for Portia, Hermione's favorite snacks etc. etc etc.  it can be a lot to think of and organize. For me the best way to combat my packing anxiety is to start early. Way early. I would rather be packed and ready to go a week ahead of time instead of scrambling the night before. Hello, my name is Sara and I am Type A. 

Last week I was lucky to have Annie Daddy and Michelle Hale, professional organizers and founders of Henry and Higby come by to help me pack and share their best tips! We had a great time (even Portia got in on the fun) and I learned a few new packing tricks. 

We started by working on Hermione's carry on. Hermione is old enough now that I can pack a little backpack with her stuff for her to carry. I always make sure to load her bag up with enough things to keep her occupied on the plane beyond just her iPad. 

For every trip I get her some new crayons and a few pads of paper. I love these personalized photo pads from Pinhole Press. Not only are crayons and paper good for the flight but they get a lot of use when she needs a break from the pool or something to occupy her at dinner. 

Annie and Michelle suggested getting some new magnetic games like this one, and this one. All the pieces store inside the cute tins so nothing gets lost! 

Wrapping a few little surprise presents is always a good idea for moments when nothing else is working. A special surprise always cheers Hermione up. I picked up a few blind packaging Moana and Disney Princess toys knowing Hermione loves guessing who is inside.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks are key for any trip. I always pack a few special treats in Hermione's backpack along with the cooler of healthy food I tote around. Finding her favorite bunny crackers and Kind Bars tucked into her bag always makes her smile!

Of course having a super cute backpack to put all of these goodies in is key. We love Hermione's Apple Park backpack- complete with bunny ears!

Next up Annie and Michelle helped me pack my own carry on. Portia is too little to tote her own stuff so my bag ends up filled with everything she needs. I always, always travel with my Kempton and Co tote. It doubles as a beach bag when we get to our destination! I also use matching pouches to divide up everything inside! Annie and Michelle suggested dividing your pouches by "event" such as things for on the plane, when you arrive etc. 

In one pouch I make sure to have at least four diapers and a pack of wipes. After being stuck in an airport In Mexico for seven hours when Hermione was a baby I realized the importance of having more diapers than you think you may need. No one wants to be forced to ration diapers! 

In another pouch I pack a full change of clothes for Portia and Hermione as well as a clean top for myself. You never know when a baby or kid is going to get themselves or you super wet or messy!

In a third pouch Annie and Michelle suggested I pack bathing suits and coverups for all three of us. Usually when we get to our hotel everyone is ready to go right to the beach or pool. It's a major buzz kill to spend time rooting through our luggage to find beach attire. I am also notorious for not being able to stop unpacking once I start. Having bathing suits ready means I don't even have to touch my big suitcase before we hit the beach! Annie and Michelle also suggest packing a full day's change of clothes in your carry on in case your luggage is really lost! 

With our carry ons ready we moved to the main event. The girls always share a suitcase so Annie and Michelle suggested packing each girl in their own packing cube to make unpacking much easier and keep those little outfits organized! They also suggest rolling clothes before putting them in the cube to increase space and decrease wrinkles! 

On vacation the last thing I want to think about is putting together outfits or lamenting that I don't have the right shoes to wear. Annie and Michelle suggest packing in a specific color story to avoid wardrobe drama and to make getting dressed each day super easy! For warm weather trips I usually stick to white, pale pink, nude, and a touch of pale blue. I also make sure to only pack comfortable shoes that work well both day and night. 

Don't worry Porchie a delicious, mushy baby is definitely in my color story!

A huge thank you to Michelle and Annie of Henry and Higby for all of the great packing tips and tricks. Spring break here we come! 


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