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What's in my Shopping Cart-Summer House Edition

What's in my Shopping Cart-Summer House Edition

At the end of the month the girls and I will be moving up to the Hudson Valley for the remainder of the summer (Doug will be joining on weekends). Although the house we rent is fully stocked I always like to bring a few of my own things to make it feel like home. Here is what I have my eye on for our summer house!


Blueland Non-Toxic Cleaners

I always pack my own non-toxic cleaning supplies for the summer. I never know what our rental house will be stocked with! I love Blueland because the bottles are refillable with these handy little tablets. No more buying a whole new bottle every time you run out. I also love how small and packable the whole system is. All I need to pack is three bottles and a bunch of tablets to keep our house clean all summer!


Large Market Basket

Living in a house with stairs can be an adjustment for a city dweller. My best hack for minimizing constant trips up and down the stairs to put things away? I keep one big basket at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. If I have something that need to go up or down I just place it in the appropriate basket. That way it is ready for me when I am next making a trip up or down. No more endless trips to bring one pair of shoes or one swimsuit up or down! These baskets are also great for the farmers market!


Fun Pool Float

The girls are part mermaid and spend the entire summer in the pool! I love getting a few fun new pool floats each summer. I know this unicorn one will be a huge hit!


Sunscreen for the Whole Family

At the beginning of the summer I stock up on Beautycounter sunscreen in a major way. All four of us use it each and everyday. This stick version is great for faces and the girls can even apply it on themselves. I also love the lotion and spray versions.


Neutral Pool Towels

I always keep a big basket of pool towels at the ready. We swim so often we can go through a lot of towels! I also like to have plenty on hand for guests. These luxe towels are my personal favorite. They are natural enough to work with any summer rental and so big and cozy.


Mercer Girl Approved Sleeping Bags

Doug and the girls plan on doing a fair share of backyard camping this summer. I love these floral sleeping bags for the girls to snuggle up in. They would work great for sleepovers or living room camp outs too!


Giant Weekender

We have a few weekend trips planned over the summer including one to the Berkshires to see theater and hike. I love these giant weekend bags for two or three night trips. The bottom compartment is great for keeping dirty hiking shoes away from pretty summer dresses!

Mom Advice: Summer Activities

Mom Advice: Summer Activities

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