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What's in my Shopping Cart- Girls' Party Dress Edition

What's in my Shopping Cart- Girls' Party Dress Edition

I love my girls’ birthdays. Each year I start planning their April parties sometime around January 1st . The births of my girls were the two best days of my life (despite the insane drug free pain) and I make sure we always have an epic celebration. As I start to work on final details of their celebrations I have been shopping for party dresses for them to wear to their own and each other’s celebrations. Here are some of my favorite party dress options for them!


These vintage inspired floral print dresses would be perfect for Hermione’s Parisian Spa themed party!


For Portia’s Alice in Wonderland Tea Party I love this handmade, dressed up Alice dress. I would have her wear it without the apron to be more party dress and less costume.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 14.06.21.png

This tutu dress feels Alice inspired in it’s colors while still being a unique party dress.

Screenshot 2019-03-04 14.07.51.png

This tulle dream has Hermione written all over it. It would be perfect for her very fancy party!

Screenshot 2019-03-04 14.13.19.png

Both of my girls love butterflies (and bows!) so this dress would be a sweet option for either of them!

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