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6 Things I Loved Eating, Drinking and Wearing this Month

6 Things I Loved Eating, Drinking and Wearing this Month

With only a few days left until Halloween (the girls are so excited!) I feel like I blinked and the fall was over! From here it’s a mad dash to the holidays and then the new year. Whew! With temperatures getting chilly the past few weeks I have found myself reaching for things that keep me warm and relaxed and also a few that add a pop of vibrancy to the newly cold days. Here are a few things I have loved eating, drinking and wearing this month…


I’ve been drinking this reishi hot chocolate every night to help me unwind. The taste is subtly sweet with a hint of cinnamon… the perfect bedtime treat!


With a teeny, tiny upper lip I have never really been a lipstick person. Then I discovered this amazing color. I love swiping it on with a bare face before I run out the door. I instantly feel put together!


I have a thing for jackets and coats and always add one or two new ones to my closet each fall. This sherpa moto jacket looks great with both dresses and jeans and is super cozy.


This book was recommended to me by the owner of my favorite bookstore upstate. She always knows just the perfect book. Lyrical, magical and thoroughly engrossing this retelling of Liberia’s formation had me drawn in from cover to cover.


I would be willing to pay a fortune for a hairbrush that didn’t incite tears from Hermione as I detangle her hair. Fortunately this miracle of a brush is just under $10 and works perfectly on her hair and mine!


Now that I am commuting Hermione to and from school everyday I spend ALOT of time on the subway. Headspace has really saved my sanity on crowded subways with no seat in site. They even have a meditation specifically for commuters!

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