On Sisters

Before we decided to have a second baby and all throughout my pregnancy I was terrified about how a sibling would effect Hermione. She always seemed like such an only child to me.

My Everyday Necklaces

I used to be a huge statement jewelry person. I had a huge collection of costume pieces that I would wear all the time, not just on special occasions. While I loved these bold pieces at the time over the year's my taste has become a bit simpler

Art to Go

Hermione loves doing art projects. From coloring to play doh to making puppets she has a real creative spirit and is always making something. When we are traveling it is not always easy to decide which art supplies to bring with us. For airplane trips, restaurants and down time in the hotel room after a log day at the pool I like to have a few curated supplies for her to work with.

Good On Everything

I have dry skin. Take a dry NYC winter, add a serving of exclusively breastfeeding and you have a recipe for parched skin. I drink a ton of water everyday, eat water rich foods, take internal oils and still my skin skews dry. 

Mini Galentine's Party

Last Friday Hermione and Portia hosted some of their friends for a little Galentine's Day party.  It was so cute to have my best girlfriends and their little girls (and one little brother) over for an afternoon of snacks, crafts, and of course dress up!

Daily Insurance

While I always aim to eat well during the day I sometimes fall short. I feel my best when I have a large amount of fruits, greens and veggies each day but with my hectic schedule this isn't always possible.

Baby Docking Station

Many of my friends are expecting their second or third babies this winter and there is one question I keep getting asked. Did you discover any new products with Portia that you wish you had when Hermione was a newborn? My answer is an unequivocal yes!

Book Worm

I am a notorious book worm. In college I was know to have read every novel and could always offer a good recommendation to those looking. Pre-kids I could tear through 3-4 books on a vacation and still sometimes have to pick up one more for the airplane ride home. Since Hermione and Portia came into my life my reading time has far decreased.