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Holiday Jammies

Christmas is a big deal in our family. With three little ones, eight adults and two dogs celebrating we are sometimes opening gifts well past lunch! Since most of Christmas Day is spent casually lounging around the house, eating and opening presents I wanted to make sure Hermione had a cute and comfortable outfit for the occasion. There are tons of holiday pajamas out there for kids but some of them were a bit too "Christmas-y" for my taste. I wanted her to have a pair she could wear all winter instead of just one day. These glow in the dark polar bear pajamas are just our style. They are subtly festive without being over the top and too cutesey. Add a pair of shimmery angel wings and she is all set for the festivities!Hermione's Pajamas: crewcuts (exact style sold out but we have these too and love them!)

Angel wings: Maileg 

Hermione at the Plaza

Happy Hanukkah!