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My Everyday Necklaces

I used to be a huge statement jewelry person. I had a huge collection of costume pieces that I would wear all the time, not just on special occasions. While I loved these bold pieces at the time over the year's my taste has become a bit simpler

Book Worm

I am a notorious book worm. In college I was know to have read every novel and could always offer a good recommendation to those looking. Pre-kids I could tear through 3-4 books on a vacation and still sometimes have to pick up one more for the airplane ride home. Since Hermione and Portia came into my life my reading time has far decreased.

Welcome to mercer + green!  After a few years and many life changes (ahem becoming a mom of two) I felt it was time to update my blog! Here you will find all of my same healthy living content as I continue to explore life in NYC with my two minis in tow.