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Bachelorette by the Beach

My love for Mexico is nothing new. The food, the beach, the tequila, it truly is my favorite vacation spot. This past weekend, for a girlfriends bachelorette, I experienced the west coast of Mexico (namely Cabo) for the first time. Being in NYC it is much easier and faster to get to the Riviera Maya than Baja. While the trip west was long I was so glad I went! The desert meets ocean topography is stunning, so different from the caves and mangrove lagoons I am used to. Also, the air is much drier making for better hair weather!

While east and west coast Mexico vary in many ways, one thing remains the same. It is as easy to get clean, healthy food in Cabo as it is along the Mayan Riviera.

At dinner the first night there were coconuts on the table as centerpieces. We asked them to crack them open for us so we could drink the fresh coconut water!

As usual I traveled with frozen green juice. There is no better way to start the morning than with a green juice and fresh coconut water by the pool.

The kitchen was kind enough to cut up the coconut meat and bring it out for me to snack on. With a squeeze of lime and a little tejun (mexican spice and salt mix) it was heavenly. 

To take a break from the bachelorette fun I treated myself to a massage at the spa. In the women's changing room there was the most delicious Digestive Tea. 

The spa also had chilled Chlorophyll Water. Chlorophyll is incredibly alkalizing and hydrating so it was great to have post massage (and pre margaritas). 

No part of the coconut was wasted in the taking and eating of this photograph. 

My idea of the perfect lunch. Cucumber and jicama slices with lime and tejun. 

Wait, don't forget the guac and pico de gallo. Now, it's the perfect lunch.

The suite we stayed in had an incredibly stocked kitchen. Every afternoon I made the girls green smoothies from the produce I found in our fridge. Recipe to come!

The last night we were treated to a cooking lesson in the resort's kitchen. Here the chef teaches us how to make their amazing ceviche. 

Really, this may have been the best ceviche ever. 

Coconut water in the shade makes SJM a happy girl! 

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