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Traditional medicine and I don't get along so well. I refuse to take any over the counter painkillers, pills and even most antibiotics unless 1 million percent necessary (gasp! horror! judgment!). If I have a raging headache I am more likely to treat it with acupuncture and water than Advil. On the rare occasion I get a cold I flood it with green juice and ginger tea before I turn to over the counter cold medicine. When allergy season hits (and it sometimes hits me hard) I will Neti Pot my brains out if it means I can avoid Claritin, Allegra etc. etc. etc.

I am not a masochist; I just firmly believe that most drug stores are packed with items made to cover up symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem and fixing it permanently.

Of course modern medicine has its place. There are horrible afflictions in the world such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and malaria that need to be researched and cured. My husband works for a medical organization that saves lives each and every day and I strongly believe in the work they do. Vaccines, antibiotics, medicine and surgery save people. If you are seriously injured or gravely ill by all means GET THEE TO A DOCTOR.

For run of the mill, every day ailments I strongly believe in the power of homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy uses natural ingredients to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms, allowing the body to heal itself. Based on the idea that “like cures like” the ingredients used in homeopathy are the same ones that cause the symptom you experience. Homeopathy is the second most widely used form of medicine worldwide (behind indigenous herbal medicine which I also greatly support) with traditional/allopathic medicine coming in fourth.

Being a huge fan of natural remedies, I was incredibly excited to try Sprayology's line of all natural homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays. According to Sprayology their sprays are "traditional homeopathy modernized." All you have to do is spray Sprayology under your tongue and it is rapidly absorbed into you body. Not only is it easy but it tastes much, much better than other vitamins and can be taken on an empty stomach without making you queasy.

After spending some time on their website I decided on four sprays that best addresses my personal needs and wants. From help with aches and pains, to mood lifters, to essential daily vitamins Sprayology had many sprays that were calling out my name!

Arnica Power


The day before my Sprayology delivery arrived I had overdone it a bit with a SoulCycle class followed by a SLT Megaformer class. Even though I often double and triple up my workouts I was feeling VERY sore. Lying on the couch, it hurts to laugh sore. As I opened my package from Sprayology the Arnica Power spray was the one I was most excited about trying. Arnica Power is designed to "temporarily relieve symptoms associated with overexertion or trauma including muscle aches, stiffness, swelling from injuries and bruising." I have used Arnica gel on sore muscles and bruises quite a bit but have never taken it orally. Within days of starting my Arnica Power spray my pain and soreness were greatly diminished. I also noticed that everyday aches and pains I feel from tension, stress, and sitting at a computer were significantly lessened.

I have now made Arnica Power a part of my daily routine. I keep it in my purse and have not had a bout of major soreness since!

Woman Power


This summer has been incredibly hot and sticky in New York. Days of schlepping around a broiling concrete jungle with people sweating all over me can certainly leave a girl moody and irritable. There have been countless days where I have threatened Doug within an inch of his life if he so much as held my hand. "Too hot for touching!!!!" I snapped at my poor affectionate, wonderful hubby.

Sprayology's Woman Power formulated to "relieve the symptoms of low female energy including decreased sexual desire and vitality, low physical energy, irritability and the blues" seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I have been spraying it under my tongue 3x a day for over a week now and I think I have noticed a shift. It may be that I am now out of the city for the rest of the summer, but I am certainly feeling less irritable, moody and in general in a better mood. Also, I have been much more receptive to cuddling with my previously shunned husband.

Party Relief


I am by no means a big drinker. I have a firm rule that I never drink at home, and when out I limit myself to two drinks max. However, in the summer when my social calendar is full of parties, dinners out and late afternoon drinks my alcohol consumption tends to increase a bit. I have a hard time turning down a glass of rose on a perfect summer evening! No matter how much I drink, I always notice the side effects the next day. I get a dull headache, my skin is not so bright, I feel dehydrated, and I am sluggish- textbook hangover stuff.

Sprayology's Party Relief  "relieves the symptoms of alcohol-related discomfort including headache, dehydration, upset stomach, nausea, sluggish feeling and liver toxicity." I have been carrying my bottle of Party Relief in my purse ever since I received it. It has come with me to quite a few dinners out and summer parties. I have even gotten a few curious friends to try it! I am thrilled that my hangover symptoms have been seriously mitigated since using Party Relief. I am by no means using it as an excuse to over do it with wine, but it is nice to know that I can have a glass or two of rose and not feel so awful in the morning!

I wish I had Party Relief when I was in college. SJM circa my 21st birthday could have certainly used it!

B-12 + Folic Acid


I do not label myself as a vegan but I do eat a mostly plant based diet. Contrary to popular belief the hardest thing to get enough of on a plant based diet is not protein. I get plenty of protein. Vitamin B-12 is another story. Key to a healthy nervous system, vitamin B-12 is hard to obtain without eating animals and animal products. A good B-12 supplement is essential for anyone on a plant based diet, women of childbearing age, and those with high stress levels. In a nut shell, me. B-12 also produces energy and can really help if you are feeling tired and sluggish.

Folic acid is also extremely beneficial. It can help prevent heart disease by lowering the levels of homocystine, an amino acid that damages the lining of blood vessels and increases plaque formation. Folic acid also aids in the production of red blood cells and helps prevent anemia. Lastly, is it crucial for anyone who is trying to become pregnant or is currently pregnant to get enough folic acid.

Being a high stress, plant based woman of childbearing age I take a pre-natal vitamin daily. Even though I am not currently pregnant a pre-natal vitamin covers all of my basic needs with the added bonus of B-12 and folic acid.

If you have ever been pregnant  you know there is one major side effect to most pre-natal vitamins. They can make you extremely nauseous if taken on an empty stomach.Sprayology's B-12+ Folic Acid spray is perfect for those of us who want to get our vitamins in first thing in the morning without having to gag them down. Not only does this spray taste rather delicious, but it can be taken on an empty stomach! Sprayology recommends ten sprays a day- five in the morning and five in the afternoon. Since B-12 produces energy it is best not to take it before bed. However, on a few occasions I have taken my last five sprays before going out at night and it has given me a nice energy boost!

I am nothing short of thrilled with my Sprayology products and plan on making them staples in my life. I especially cannot wait to try their AllergEase next spring when hay fever strikes me again!

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"Not My Kitchen" Essentials

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