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Handling a Set Menu

Handling a Set Menu


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are in full swing, and with that come parties, parties, and more parties!!!

This week Doug and I went to back-to-back charity events at Cipriani 42.

Wednesday night we attended the Animal Medical Center’s Top Dog Gala. The AMC is an organization near and dear to our hearts. Two years ago they saved Maddy’s life and we are eternally grateful. She is a huge part of our family and we would not be the same without her.

Thursday we were back at Cipriani for the Child Mind Institute’s Award Dinner. The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere. They change the lives of every child they work with.

Attending large events like benefits and weddings can sometimes pose an eating challenge. With a large catering kitchen it can be difficult to modify the set meal, which is often red meat.

As I sat down to dinner on Wednesday a large plate of what looked like melted cheese was set in front of me. I quickly asked the waiter for a salad and a lovely plate of arugula was brought forth. Not the most exciting salad ever, but I was thankful to have it. The main course was some sort of roast with potatoes served table side. In cases like this I usually ask what the vegetarian option is. It can sometimes be just a large plate of pasta but this time I was in luck. I was brought a delicious layered vegetable napoleon. I am always impressed when the vegetarian option is actually vegetables!

Thursday the food choices were even better. The appetizer was a salad of radicchio topped with a guacamole-esque dressing. I did not even have to ask for a special item! When the main course came around it was the same roast and potatoes, however they also had a simply grilled branzino as well as the delicious vegetable napoleon. I was in the mood for fish so I got the branzino, which came with broccoli rabe. Yum.

While I was lucky at these particular events, it is not always the case. For those tougher times, I have a few tricks that always get me through:

  1. I always have a snack before I go to a party. It not only keeps the champagne from going to my head, but also makes it easier for me to make good choices. When I am starving it is much harder to resist things I don’t want to put in my body.
  2. I always ask for a salad to start. Even if it is not part of the menu there is always some lettuce in the kitchen they can put on a plate for me. It may not be the best salad ever, but it’s something!
  3. If the meal comes and it is something I do not choose to eat I ask if there is a vegetarian or fish option. If there is no fish and the vegetarian option is pasta I simply ask for a plate of whatever vegetables they can find. There is always some sort of green served with the meat everyone else is having!
  4. I always have a small square (or two) of dark chocolate in my purse. It keeps me happy while everyone else is having his or her cake (or mousse, or whatever) and coffee!!

With these tricks I am rarely left hungry. However, if I can't get exactly what I want to eat I don't get upset. For me, it is much more important to support organizations such as the AMC and the Child Mind Institute than to have an ideal meal every night.

Pomegranate Opening Made Easy

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When Pork (sneak) Attacks!!